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A Jam-Packed High Mass

High Mass at a Fishing Village on the Zuyder Zee by George Clausen

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We like this image, because it captures an all too relevant theme for many Catholics. Many have been at a crowded Mass. Perhaps we think that it would be nice to have some more breathing room, or maybe that the person’s children two rows back should have been physically removed twenty minutes ago. On the flip side though, isn’t a crowded Mass a good sign of devotion? Something to be thankful for?

The central woman in the painting shows us the determination of a devout
soul to stay focused during Mass. Being the farthest removed participant, she
probably can’t even hear or see what’s going on in the Mass. She stands
and kneels when she sees those in front of her change positions. And,
probably because she can’t see or hear the Mass, she prays her rosary
to stay focused and devout. A small child leans up against her, gazing off
into space—much like many at her age seem to do.

This image can provide excellent inspiration for those relating to the over-
crowded Mass.

Download the high-resolution image of this painting.

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